bbmm happy hour

Happy hour with mm. It’s weekend so no happy hour discount really. Wanted to go to the Japanese brewery but was put off by this woman talking loudly. Why do people feel the need to put their voice volume on maximum? Went to hmv café but was horrified when the waiter said their alcohol licence has to be renewed and probably not until the end of the month. Someone must have screwed up at the office.


Decamped to wildfire. I had a weissbier and mm had asahi. Was peckish so ordered some calamari. Nice chat, catching up for the past week.


Stopped at a hole-in-the-wall place on our way to find dinner. They sell mainly handrolls, lots of variety like uni, salmon, salmon roe, scallop, lobster, lobster roe and so on. A good selection of oysters too so we picked a few. From top, two each: massé, canadian, coffin bay. The massé was the most expensive, our favourite was the coffin bays: sweet with bags of flavour.

In the end we took the tram a few blocks down and had dinner at a diner place. Found another bar that had happy hour for real. Only one other table there when we sat down at 8pm, friends of the manager it seems. Beer was buy 2 get one free. Plus a bowl of peanuts. Happy hour officially ended at 9pm but they still served us the one free beer at 9.30pm. The place started filling up around 10pm and it was time for us to go home.

Great evening. Drank 1.5l of beer in total. Didn’t go anywhere special, we just needed a venue to sit and chat.