keep calm and eat more ice cream


We’re all in need of some good cheer. From thekitchn: tell us your favorite ice cream and we’ll tell you your age.

My top 5 ice cream flavours:

  1. sesame
  2. green tea
  3. tofu
  4. vanilla
  5. mango

I’m not taking the results of the article too seriously. For a start, they don’t have 4 of my 5 favourites. As for vanilla:

Vanilla Ice Cream: You’re 21 Years Old

You’re an adult. Full stop. You’re finally comfortable admitting to yourself that a good scoop of vanilla really isn’t boring. In fact, it’s downright delicious when done right. When you’re feeling really fancy, you might even add on some sundae-esque toppings, because why not? You’re an adult!

Arrr, I’m 12 not 21. The closest to 12 years old is strawberry and I hardly ever order strawberry if there are other choices.

Strawberry Ice Cream: You’re 13 Years Old

Life can be hard and complicated when you’re 13, but when it comes to ice cream, you don’t even need to think twice. This pink ice cream filled with strawberries is so sophisticated and adult.

The ones I don’t like on the list: pralines and cream (70 years old) because it’s way too sweet and coffee (52 years old) because I don’t drink coffee. Bubblegum ice cream (4 years old) is a bit iffy but I’ll try a bite.


The other day I spotted a poster at a convenience store of a green kitkat ice cream cone. We’ve been missing mint choc chip (29 years old) cones they seem to have completely disappeared. On further examination and after I bought the cone I realised it’s green tea not mint ice cream. It was still very nice and the kitkat finger in the middle is like having a 99. Oh, TIL 99s have been called 99s since the 1930s. But on the question of why are 99s called 99s, no one seems to know the exact answer. More outrageous answers include:

  1. the roman numerals 99 is IC for ice cream
  2. the flake is 99mm long
  3. they were 99p
  4. someone claimed his grandfather invented it and named it after the address of the family’s shop at 99 Portobello High St, Edinburgh
  5. something about the number Italian (or Swiss?) guards guarding the king = 99 and Italians are most associated with ice cream (“just one cornetto…”)

Who cares? Summer is here. Keep calm and eat more ice cream.