too hot to go out | market and snacks

It’s so hot that it’s not worth doing anything. Sis asked if I wanted to go to happy hour and I declined. Imagine, I said no to alcohol. I didn’t want to get out of my shorts and put on outside clothes. As it is, I’m changing my t-shirt twice a day and showering twice a day already.

Okay, I did get out of my shorts at the end. But nothing exciting; mum and I went to the market. Had tea at a ramen place first. It’s a chain and specialises in Sapporo ramen, which means we expect a rich miso soup. Unfortunately there wasn’t a lot of flavour in the soup and the ramen was so-so.


We bought pork to make soup. 4 mini watermelons and some apples. Also, snacks. The chocolate orange pockys that I saw at a shop yesterday that I resisted buying because they were double the price of normal pocky were available at 759 supermarket at a lower price. Plus 20% off. Unfortunately, not worth the hankering. The chocolate-orange part was a sickly artificial orange colour and tasted artificial too. Disappointing.


Also bought some popping candy. One each of apple and watermelon flavour. Haven’t tried them yet.