credit score


At the end of a week when $2tn (that’s 2 with 12 zeros after it) was wiped off the global markets I got an email, likely automated, from BoA about my FICO score. Probably not very good timing, BoA.

I never pay attention to my credit score, I know it’s a huge thing in the US. I remember my landlady doing a credit check when I started renting in Chicago and saying to me that she found records from New York. I said, yeah that’s when I was in the US last. I put my car on a loan deliberately to get some credit history and I always pay my credit card bills in full.


This is the first time I’ve seen my credit score. From what I can gather, it’s a good score. It also comes with an explanation of the factors that affect the score. Since I’ve kept my US account and I use my credit card a) when I visit the US; and b) to buy books, I’m guessing the regular use makes the bank happy.