chenin blanc rhino


Not a white wine drinker at all. Been buying a bunch of Tussock Jumper wines because of the cute labels and thought I might get this one for Sis. But I don’t know if she’ll like it. The only solution, try it out myself. Hahaha, any excuse.

The difference between red and white wines is that there are some whites that are really tasteless. Chenin blancs have been described as

rather bland, off-dry wine suitable only for the bottom end of the wine market

Ouch. This one is from South Africa, hence the rhino label. I find it crisp rather than bland. Acidic though not chokingly so. Pleasantly drinkable. A little bit of peppery aftertaste.

Sis tends to drink chardonnays so I think she might like it. I’ll see if the store still has its 30-40% sale. Otherwise I already bought her a prosecco and a malbec.