trip change of plan


Had lunch with mum and mm, then went with mm to the travel agent so she can ask about packages with her mum. It was getting near to the time that I could check in, so I tried to check my booking. Argh, couldn’t login and the agents there were having problems too. Left my mobile and they said they’d call when they sorted it out.

We went to the nearby Langham for happy hour (except no actual hh discount). Got a call from the travel agent that there was a problem with my ticket. Argh.

In the end they rebooked me on another flight. So instead of leaving Sunday afternoon, it’s Sunday midnight so I have to go to the airport Saturday night. At least I’m flexible. I have no idea what went wrong, and I’m not interested in finger pointing. The agent checked me in and got me a seat, I’ll be able to print the boarding pass when I get home.

This means I arrive at NYC 7am instead of 10pm, which in a way is a blessing although it makes my total journey time to DC very very long. I’ll see if I can check-in at the JFK hotel early, or at least store my luggage. I’ll have the rest of Sunday to explore aroud NYC. Thinking of going to Brooklyn since I’ll be in Manhattan when I come back. May be visit hipster heaven aka Williamsburg; or Prospect Park; or the Brooklyn Brewery.