flight and hotel


Flight was almost completely full. Someone sat in the middle seat, she’s travelling with 3 others and they didn’t seem to have been lucky with their seat assignments. Quite noisy, one of those stupid people who scream across the aircraft cabin to talk to her friends.

Dinner was meatballs, breakfast was omelette. Watched Pride & Prejudice and Zombies (really funny, highly recommended) and The Lobster (very…interesting). No Bake-off but there was Grand Designs. Managed to sleep for about 5hrs.

There was a stopover in Vancouver, which was why the flight took so long. We had to take all our stuff and go to the transit lounge. More security check by US customs. Couldn’t go out of the lounge even.

JFK leg was also full so my hopes that the idiot neighbour would move evaporated. Dinner was salmon and mash. I didn’t eat any instant noodles this flight. Watched The Martian, it was very good. Slept for about an hour.

Flight was early, arrived at 6.20am. Immigration was fast but bags took forever to come out.

I took the airtrain to Federal Circle and from my instructions I was supposed to call the hotel shuttle. The line was so faint on the official phone that I had to call on my mobile. Waited for about 5 mins then I realised one of the vans there had a sign for my hotel. Missed it completely, hahaha. The nice driver took me there in 5 mins, got to the hotel at 8am. Unfortunately couldn’t check in but they could store my bag and said I’m welcome to have breakfast.

So I dumped all unnecessary stuff from my backpack into my duffel, had a couple of croissants and tea. Shuttle back to the airport once an hour, so I’ll go back, get the subway and go exploring. Next post.