nycdc trip day 02: new york to washington dc

Woke up at 6am, had not very good free hotel breakfast (soggy waffle, bagel that was impossible to slice open). Caught the 7.30am shuttle to the airport. Check-in was straightforward. For some reason I got TSA Pre-check on my boarding pass, so I was able to go through the priority security lane. No need to take off shoes or even take laptop out of the backpack.

Walked to all the shops inside the terminal. Was very tempted to have a glass of wine but it was too early. Sat at the chairs at the gate for more than an hour. The flight was on time and it took only about an hour.


Weather in NYC was sunny but overcast in DC. Spotted the Washington Monument from the air. The airplane was a teeny tiny one with about 60 passengers and it stopped at an outside gate. By the time the bus brought us back to the terminal the wait for luggage wasn’t very long at all. There was quite a long wait for the shuttle, so many others went past before the correct one arrived.

Arrived at the hotel before 1pm. Got my key and got settled into our suite. Very nice suite, comfortable sofa and even a whirlpool bath.

First order of business, went to the supermarket. Most of the rest of the day was spent catching up with friends. They booked a high level function room to watch the fireworks but the weather was too poor. It was good to socialise anyway.