nycdc trip day 03: washington dc

The power adaptor on the mba stopped working, the cable had become frayed and broken. Whatever plans I had was postponed while I tried to find the nearest apple store. Luckily the mall nearby had one and there’s a hotel shuttle that goes there. Wow, over USD80. Sigh.


Got a metro card and took the metro down to the city. Walked to the White House, Washington Monument and part way to the Lincoln Memorial. Outside the White House all pedestrians and cars were stopped for a few minutes. It turned out there was a motorcade. Anyway it was very hot so I rested a bit in Smithsonian castle.


A few more stops from the Mall is Eastern Market. I thought it’d be bigger, it’s only one corridor of stalls selling meat, seafood, fruit and veg. There was a stall selling food and quite full of customers. I had the crabcake and fried shrimp combo, came with fries and coleslaw. Very nice, the crabcakes had lots of crabmeat and there were something like 10 shrimps. Very full.

More metro to King Stree in Alexandria. Hopped onto the free trolley to go to the waterfront. Nothing too much to see. There was supposed to be a hotel shuttle back, but I couldn’t find it. Went back to the airport (only 2 stops away) and caught the airport shuttle.

A lot of people coming in today for the con, lots of meeting and greeting. Dinner with a bunch of people at the hotel restaurant, I had flatiron steak and spinach. Ordered rare and it came medium rare, nothing new. Another glass of wine then back to the room.