nycdc trip day 05 | gcls con day 02


First session of the day was already very interesting, worth waking up early for. Both Carleen and Brayden are seasoned communicators, and they shared insights on how to do author readings. Takeaways include: crossing out chunks of text that are less interesting when read out loud; memorising 70% of the reading; keeping a “readings only” book. And preparation, preparation, preparation.

Then it was a matter of hanging out with old and new friends. Lots of hugs.

The theme for this year’s conference is diversity and I went to a double session by again two seasoned communicators. The session did not feel long, there were discussions as well as guided lecturing by the leaders.

Lunch was buffet-style. Prior years were sandwiches that were not very value for money, which was why A and I did our own thing last year (yummy chicken salad). Hot food this year, and a huge difference. Braised chicken, pork loin, mash, veg, salad. So tasty I got a second helping. They even had grab-and-go sandwiches for those who didn’t sign up for the food option at reasonable prices, so the non-food option attendees can sit with everyone. One thing I missed out on last year was socialising at lunch, although we could have chosen to eat our salads at the main area rather than back in our room.

After lunch was the members’ meeting, where Mary formally took over from Liz as ED. Finance report was encouraging, the memories of being in the red is a distance, but not forgotten, memory. Went to the first half of the social media class and then it was our session on awards. Very fee attendees, but those who came had great questions. So great that we continued our discussion and I missed the next session.

Dinner with Carleen at the hotel restaurant. I had sea bass which was fabulous. I even recommended it to the new friends I made at last night’s dinner. Stuck around chatting with people at the bar, another regular event at the con.