nycdc trip day 06 | gcls con day 03

Wasn’t planning on going to any of the morning sessions but since I was up, I went to one about making apps and games from books. So glad I did! StoryStylus allows users to create games that are either a representation of their book’s story, or use characters in a standalone game. The UI seems straightforward and they are keen to come into our community. This should be a session for next year, especially since the company is in Toronto.

More learning at a session about writing what we know, or how we should develop knowledge that our characters know. Then time for our special speaker. Rachel Spangler did a fantastic job in dove-tailing her own experience and that of the past 10-20 years’ history to make a call for action. Build a bigger table, she said. Increase exposure, increase tolerance, build our history. What a great speech.

Lunch was buffet again but less good than yesterday’s. Mostly pasta which I found heavy. No second helpings.


Skipped the afternoon sessions to go do laundry with JC. It was fantastic to spend time with her, she’s smart and thoughtful. I even got to try Mexican coke. Even though I missed the book club, it was time well spent.

I usually miss the author autograph session, spent the time chatting with another friend and sharing her huge bottle of Makers Mark. She asked a friend to buy what she thought was a regular bottle, but the one that showed up was supersized. So we will all try our best to make inroads.

Dinner with Carleen at Ruby Tuesday. I had the steak and lobster combo, with salad bar starter. Evening ended with karaoke.