nycdc trip day 07 | gcls con day 04

Time flies. It’s saturday already.

The main event in the morning was the keynote speech. To a packed house, Fay Jacobs again gave us a masterful lesson on her humourous observations.

Lunch was back to high standards with roast turkey and beef. Second helpings again.

The last session I attended this con was one where authors discussed books by other people that they wish they’d written. Came away with a nice list of books to add to the reading list.

And then the mayhem started. Rehearsal for awards presenters went very well, we’d sent out notes beforehand so the whole thing only took 20mins. The time after rehearsal and before we needed to start the ceremony was supposed to be hooking up the computers and doing sound check. Argh! Tech difficulties of all sorts. Finally we ended up having to use someone’s computer and I had to copy over the ppt and fonts and get to grips with someone else’s machine. Nice mbp, so it was okay.

There wasn’t time to shower, gobbled sandwiches and had to be back at the tech desk.

Fortunately the rest of the ceremony went fine. There were a couple of tech hiccups, which thankfully most people didn’t notice. Didn’t go near the dance floor, had a nice chat with friends and shared wine. Was there till they closed the room down at 1am.