nycdc trip day 09: DC to stamford to NYC

I checked into my flight yesterday already but have almost half a day to kill. Saw Carleen off early in the morning as she started her drive home with another friend B. My new friend JC gave me a hotel breakfast voucher so I made plans to have breakfast with her. She was going to drive up to Ptown to spend a few days there before making her drive home to Texas. She suggested that she drove me to New York. Interesting idea. We enjoyed talking with each other, so it would be a nice roadtrip. I cancelled my check-in but wasn’t able to get a refund, ah well.


So that’s how I ended up driving north with JC. We made good time, taking it leisurely. Didn’t go into Manhattan, she was actually headed to Stamford for the night so I said just head there and I’ll take the train down. Like I used to. What nostalgia, seeing the UBS building for the first time since 2000. Stamford has grown, lots more offices there now. We had a late lunch at a middle-eastern place, a quick drink at the bar next door and I was on the train back to Grand Central with my ex- future-colleagues.


Took a cab to the airbnb place. West Village / Chelsea / Meatpacking district near 14th street. I was early, the host’s friend was still cleaning up. It’s a nice studio apartment, with a bed, sofa, lots of closet space. Proper kitchen and bathroom. A little grubby, especially the bathroom. No natural light in kitchen or bathroom. No windows in kitchen and bathroom. Definitely not hotel standard. It’s living like a local. Small, I doubt even bbmm will be comfortable there.

Walked to the supermarket two blocks down. On the shopping list was milk and drinks; came back with almost USD60 worth of groceries: fruit, veg, steak, milk, sorbet, water. Hahaha.