nycdc trip day 14: lower east side walk to west village


JC took the train down from Stamford and we met up at the iconic Katz’s deli in the lower east side. Easy crosstown bus ride for me and again, a first. I had the pastrami sandwich and JC had a reuben. Came with a big side plate of pickles. Very yummy. The pastrami was very delicious, no wonder it’s so famous. Expensive, but I’d come again.


I’d planned a walking tour of the lower east side, around 2 miles brought us back to my apartment. Plenty of breaks in between. First stop was what is now know as the Brown Building at NYU but was the site of the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory. A fire there in 1911 killed 146 workers aged 14-43 and led to legislation for better working conditions. JC told me about it, I would never have known.


A break at Washington Square park to people watch. A pianist played the piano in the middle of the park. A street performer getting ready by painting yellow paint all over himself. An artist drawing something on an easel. Such was weekend life in a NYC park.


A short walk from the park was Stonewall. I felt like it was a place I should visit. And now I have. I’ve seen people posting about visiting there and feeling part of history and moved to tears etc. I must admit I took a couple of pictures and that was it.


The real destination was the nearby branch of the big gay ice cream shop. I remember when they were a food truck, tweeting his location to his followers. Now it felt like a branch of haagen-dazs, not much character.

More walking brought us back to the west village. Rested at the apartment with aircon and water break. And during our rest period, we were interrupted by an unexpected visitor of a six-legged variety, argh!!! We got rid of it but I decided I wasn’t going to stay there anymore. JC, bless her heart, used some of her points to get me a room at the Hilton JFK tonight, phew.

nyc085rollmops nyc086bass

There was still time, so we went to visit the High Line (braving a sudden summer storm) and then to the Spotted Pig for early dinner. We got there at around 5.30pm, left our names and decamped to a bar nearby. Around 30mins later they texted and we were seated shortly afterwards. I had roll mops (::homesick::) and one of the best restaurant fish dishes ever: a black bass with delicately cooked flesh and impossibly crispy skin.

Back to the apartment and I called a Uber to take JC to the train station and me to the JFK hotel. All was well, I was settled into a bug-free room and watching tv. Probably a blessing, so I didn’t have to worry about getting to the airport tomorrow.