probate office


Our appointment at the probate office is today. I’d filled out the 3 different forms, listed Papa’s assets, included originals and copies of everything into a thick folder. Hopefully that’s everything needed.

It’s all a giant bureaucratic process:

  • get ticket
  • go to counter to present ticket and appointment letter
  • interview with officer to go through forms and documents
  • wait half an hour
  • get documents back from officer, now in an official orange folder
  • go down 2 floors to register to take oath
  • queue up to take oath
  • go up 1 floor to make payment
  • make photocopy of documents
  • take stamped documents and receipt back to officer
  • get letter with reference number

Now there is a 5-7 week wait for the official letter of grant, which hopefully will be what we need to execute the Will.

Despite the bureaucracy, it wasn’t too painful and all got done in about 2 hrs.