pancake cake, hotpot dinner


Dinner at mm’s brother’s place with his family, sort of at the last moment. It all started when mm showed me a pic of a pancake cake she made at a baking class. Looked nice. She said did I want to try it? So I got invited to dinner. Just a family meal of hot pot, a happy affair with lots of food and lots of fun. I brought some pre-dinner snacks and a bottle of grenache rosé. Cake for dessert, it was light and could taste the raspberry filling.

We were all playing pokémon, just sitting at their flat there were plenty to catch. It’s good to play with the kids. Currently I’ve caught around 30 different pokémons. There are none at home so I don’t bother playing, I try to play when I’m out and about. When mm and I were walking to the train station after dinner, we saw tons of people playing too. If someone suddenly stops and a few seconds later starts swiping at their screen, we know exactly what they’re up to.