someone wants to rent my flat

Conference call this morning was quite long, two hours. Got quite a bit done and discussed, so it’s all good.

Got an email in the afternoon that someone is interested in renting my flat. Yay!! I looked at the offer letter and agreed to it quickly. The rent isn’t as high as I’d like (it never is) but it’s been empty and in the long run it works out.

The tenant is a single guy who recently relocated from LA and he doesn’t have too many requests. Provide fridge, provide shower curtain and do cleaning. So Mum and I went to the electrical shop to look at fridges. I had one in mind but the salesperson suggested another one. Marginally more expensive but much bigger. Seems reasonable. I’ll go get it after the offer letter is signed and I have the deposit. Shower curtain from Ikea is no problem. I called up a cleaning company and their quote is astronomical. Mum and I will probably go ourselves.