bbmm l&p again


Met up with L&P again, this time the starting point was near where they are staying. Took an hour long rollercoaster-like bus journey to our favourite fishing village, with traditional stilted houses. Walked through the village a little, so close to people’s houses where they were preparing food, watching tv or just sitting out.

Ended up at a café called three lanterns. European coffee shop with outdoor seating on a deck overlooking the small river channel. We’d just ordered when it started raining. At first just drizzle then got heavier. There was some cover provided by large umbrellas and large sheeting but there were spots where the water leaked. The owner offered to move us inside but we found dry spots and stayed put. It was actually quite nice, the rain and the breeze made it cooler. Finally the rain stopped and we had our coffees, teas and cakes. Chatted away. The owner gave us a couple of pots of tea free, because we stuck with her and didn’t run away. The rose tea was very good.

Decided against taking the awful bus back, so took a small ferry. Double the price but more than double the comfort. The ferry hugged the coast, so there was no turbulence. Airconditioning and we had comfortable seats. We all agreed it was the better option.

Dinner at a local restaurant at the shopping mall. After saying goodnight, mm and I hung around for another half an hour or so for pokemon go. Got our gym bonuses and caught a couple.