taiwan trip research


Spent the day researching for our short trip to taiwan next week. Just 4 days. Last time we were in taipei was 2004, excluding business trips in between. Our priority is time off and relaxation so not planning on doing the sightseeing thing. Food is probably the biggest focus. Hopefully we can hit a night market or two. New discovery is 上引水產 addiction aquatic development, a fancy name for a fish market/restaurant that apparently serves great sushi on counters and has a supermarket onsite too.

One of the most famous souvenirs people bring back from taiwan is pineapple cakes and one of the best of by sunnyhills. Around 20mins walk from our hotel according to google maps. They serve free samples with tea, so a good destination for relaxation.

We may take one day to travel outside the city to either danshui or jiufen. Danshui is a fishing village with shops and a famous fisherman’s wharf. Jiufen has cobblestoned streets. Or we may take the cable car at maokong, hike a bit and visit the teahouses there.

Also researched either sim card or pocket wifi. Either option is good and not too expensive. The more practical and value for us is to get a sim card when we arrive at the airport. I can put it in my iphone 5c and we can both tether. The problem is, niantic just disabled functionalities for trackers so it’ll take the fun out of hunting.