hedgerow consulting

In the office today in lieu of being away on thursday. Didn’t achieve much, mostly surfed the internet for taiwan travel stuff.

I’m not there as an employee. A freelance consultant is the best description. I had to set up my own sole proprietorship company, get a business registration certificate and all that good stuff. Luckily, my friend’s office admin helped to do that. I came up with Hedgerow Consulting because…dunno, it just occured to me. Something that evokes growth, stability, ethical standards.


I don’t have a logo yet, will ask my niece to design one for me. I have a vague idea what I’m looking for, and I can probably do it myself but it’s good for her portfolio and she’s way more creative. It’s hilarious to google “free business logo” and see all the instant ones that can be acquired with just a couple of clicks.

For other business stuff, I have a gmail address, that’s it. I was looking into domain name registration, custom email address, MS office vs google apps. Lots of comparisons out there. It boils down to which is more important for me: email or excel. Or to phrase it differently, can I live with poorer email or spreadsheet app. Sigh, as much as I love gmail, there is simply no comparison between excel and google sheets. Not totally necessary as I have everything I need at my friend’s office. Getting a domain name and apps is more for me personally than for the business. Then again, it’s a good time to get them, and a new computer too. These are tax deductions, cost of doing business.