taipei day 03

Breakfast of soy milk and stuffed rice balls from the street cart next to the hotel. Very traditional.


Destination in the morning was Tamsui, at the end of one of the mrt lines so it was a long train ride. Started raining so it wasn’t very pleasant to be walking around. There were many street stalls selling food, snacks and toys. We bought some to bring home and braved the rain to walk along the old street. Took the bus to fisherman’s wharf and lovers’ bridge at the end of Tamsui but pretty disappointing. The heavy rain meant nothing much to see or do and there were barely any people around. Nothing to eat too, we had tea at the convenience store.

Bus back to Tamsui and we found a whisky shop. OMG, so many rare bottles. I wanted to get ardbeg galileo and supernova but alas they only accepted cash and I didn’t have enough. Wasn’t worth trying to find an atm either. It is what it is.

Long mrt back to city and back to ximending to buy more duck tongue for mm’s nephew and niece. Ice coffee again, at the shop next to the shop we went yesterday just to compare. Finished off with mango shaved ice at another place.


Back to hotel to drop purchases and then bus to 12 basket restaurant from yesterday. It was so good we went there twice. No hotpot, just one steamed crab and prawn congee. Lovely lovely.


Bus to raohe street night market. Talk about street food galore! Meat, seafood, chicken, sausages. There were something like 50 stalls there. Almost everything was fried or grilled though and we were quite full already from dinner. Nice to just walk through the market without bothering to think about what to eat. Pretty crowded too. Bus back to hotel, around 9.45pm. We had a bit of appetite left so had sausages from the cart next to the hotel. Long day.