taipei day 04


Woke up early to go to addiction aquatic development, which was a fancy name for fish market. Lots of fresh seafood: fish, crab, prawns. There were counters where customers could get seafood. Then a supermarket section with packaged sushi and cooked seafood. We opted for the supermarket part and got a bunch of sushi for lunch. Plus king crab legs, cooked fish to bring home.

Before we left, we went next door to the wholesale fruit market and bought 5kg of passionfruit to bring home. Also two local guavas? Not sure of name.


After lunch and packing it was time to leave, sniff. The end of the trip wasn’t as pleasant, as we got scammed by the taxi driver. Our fault for not checking that he’d turned on the meter. Worse was we ended up fighting over it. Lesson learned.

pics for whole trip: flickr set