nano starts in 7 days. I struggled to come up with an idea; I still feel it isn’t the right year for spotter so I need a fresh one. Up to a couple of weeks ago I thought I’d do a collection of short stories based at an airbnb. All sorts of characters and stories. Probably not the most original and don’t really have any clue on what ties them together.

Then I had an aha moment after going to the college friends’ reunion. As the menu was fixed and there was no corkage, we knew how much the meal was gonna be approximately. The organiser took our contribution at the beginning of the meal. She rounded it up to the nearest 100 and suggested that any left over money she’ll go buy lottery tickets. She was super transparent and posted the tickets she bought to our whatsapp group. Needless to say we didn’t win.

But it got me thinking. What if the same thing happened to a group of college friends. Instead of posting the tickets, the organiser was silent and a few days after the draw, disappeared altogether. Did we win? Did she abscond with the money? Did something happen to her, someone stole our winning ticket? Like an Agatha Christie mystery, I thought about every character having a hidden motive for the money. The police wasn’t interested so that’s where the MC (or MCs) come in.


I asked mm about the idea last week and she came up with a few suggestions. As we were in toastbox and we didn’t have any paper, I used the tried and tested napkin method of brainstorming. I’ll copy it to a mindmap before I start.

I’m quite pleased with the idea. Not all fleshed out yet, see how it goes. So the graphics are downloaded, the spreadsheet template updated and finally I’m ready for this year’s nano.