nano day 01 | 3161 words


It’s november again. Even though I don’t feel like writing, I know I’ll regret it if I DNS, like how I hate that I didn’t even try in 2007 and it’s too late to go back.

I procrastinated all morning. Read the news, bummed around reddit, played candy crush. Anything to avoid making a start. But I forced myself to open up scrivener at 10.30am. Mum was out for most of the afternoon so I made some progress. I haven’t been able to focus for long periods of time lately so I typed a few paragraphs and did something else. Got to 1667 mid-afternoon and 2000 before dinner.

Finished the first chapter at 9.30pm and it’s a good place to pause. Initially I thought this might be a prologue but it’s okay as chapter 1. Mostly backstory, introducing the cast of characters and the backbone of the storyline. Since it’s a what-if on what happened at the reunion dinner with my actual college friends, I’m using their real names in the interest of typing fast. I’ll change to fake names when I edit, it’s easier to have a picture of the person in my mind when writing. I really haven’t seen these people for years, so characterisation is perception, memory and imagination. Only the two MCs have fake names, since they’re made up people.

Most of chapter 1 is written as text messages as the group communicate with each other on whatsapp. At first I’m typing the texts like dialogue, with quotation marks, but it didn’t look right. I asked my JAFC crew and they said to use italics. It looks so much better. I’m also not labelling the texts with the person. Sometimes it doesn’t matter who spoke something. When necessary, I’ll have someone call someone else out by name. I wish I can layout the texts like how they look like on the iphone, it’ll be much clearer.

There are 12 people at the dinner and the idea is that all 12 have secrets and are potential suspects in the mystery. My aim is to focus on one person per chapter, then a wrap up at the end. Thing is, I’m not even sure that the mystery is, or even the final outcome. That makes it a very interesting writing exercise.