nano day 03 | 392 words 7780 total | office bbmm


In the office today, started a new project, not much time to slack off. Wrote one paragraph in the morning, that was it.

Met mm after work to visit a craft exhibition. All sorts of masking tape in different colours and patterns. The idea is to decorate plain objects like cups, books, picture frame with these tapes. I got something like 20 rolls for my niece as birthday present next week.

Sake and umeshu tasting at the supermarket, bought more bottles.

Dinner was at the food section of a wet market. It’s a housing estate we’d never heard of before, let alone visited. Found it online, good reviews. Definitely one of those unassuming neighbourhood places. Lots of customers, reasonably clean. All you can eat seafood hotpot. The clams, fish and prawns were okay, nothing to write home about. The crabs though were fantastic so we focused on that. Small flower crabs, fiddly to eat. We were there until 12am, one of the last tables to leave. The friendly ladies there gave us two large crabs that weren’t part of the buffet. We were too full by then so we cooked them and sneaked them inside a plastic bag to take home.

Caught the last train to mm’s stop and she drove me home. By the time I showered it was almost 2am. Wrote another small paragraph. Not worried about nano, I knew today would not be productive so banked wordcount the past 2 days.