nano day 04 | 2246 words 10026 total


More bank stuff with sis. Lots of waiting and signing forms. This one bank is done. Lunch at a foodcourt, went with her to the supermarket, bus home by 2.30pm.

Did filing and other stuff. Long dinner and watched tv till 9pm so bulk of writing was done between 9.30pm and 11pm. The target today was to get to 10k to get back on track.

The MCs continued their investigation and met with one of the dinner participants. Originally the chapter was on their missing friend but I’ll tackle the secret of this other friend first after she unwittingly revealed possible motive. It’s interesting how the characters and the story takes on a totally different direction by themselves. The second half of the chapter is the MCs’ car breaking down and they spend some time chatting and getting re-aquainted. I have an idea of what MC2’s secret may be. Everyone seems to be having financial troubles.