nano day 08 | 3012 words 25117 total


Went grocery shopping but detoured to the small park I used to do short runs, apparently it’s a charmander nest. I managed to catch 6 or 7 within half an hour; a couple ran away. Then it was as if they were taking a break and none appeared for the next half hour, so I went off to the market. Got home around 4pm. Was distracted by the NYT’s opening up access for free until Wednesday. Lots of articles to read.

Target was 25k. Just managed to get to 23k before dinner and added the usual 2k before bed. Getting to the halfway point on day 8 is right on schedule. Also right on schedule is pain in my left wrist. I wore the brace to bed last night, it looks like a bout of serious rollering before bed is needed.

This next chapter isn’t finished. I’m focusing more on the various characters’ secrets which get revealed as part of the investigation. Ultimately, whether the main mystery is as important remains to be seen.