nano day 09 | 3260 words 28377 total


I woke up and found a livestream to watch the US election. Watched in horror as the results started coming in. It got too much, I had to go out to the park for a walk (and pokehunt). Coming home it was even worse. I tried to stay watching until I couldn’t take it anymore. First Brexit, then China meddling with our indepedent judiciary system, then this Trump. I feel like there’s nowhere to run away to.

I had no motivation to continue with nano. Then when I started I found it cathartic and somehow incorporated today’s dismal news into the story. Dark elements rear their heads. It wasn’t just the MCs’ missing friend, it was something bigger that involved organisations in other parts of the world that were up to no good. Terrorists, arms dealers, the alt-right in America that has declared war on their neighbours at home.

Target wsa 28k. I’ll be busy tomorrow and Friday but no plans at the weekend. Hopefully I can get to 40k by the end of Sunday.

When I updated wordcount on the nanosite, I saw that I’d gone over 600k lifetime nanowords. One tiny thing to smile about.