nano day 10 | 2682 words 31059 total


My niece’s birthday today, so we have dinner plans. I wanted to go out earlier to find a book for her, I already have her birthday presents, the book is an addition.

Nice dinner at a great burger restaurant. The adults shared a bottle of wine and everyone tucked into the starters and burgers. Mum and I had lamb, sis had cheeseburger, gis had bacon cheeseburger and Rob had beetroot burger. I told the server it’s my niece’s birthday and they gave us dessert on the house.

I worked hard to get to 30k words before going out. Too tired after coming home to add to it significantly. This is the part of the story that delves deeper into the MCs’ lives and secrets. Will they accept each other’s secrets or will the secrets drive a wedge through them? evil laugh