office day

Office day. The latest project is almost finished. Very thankful to a proactive intern who did above and beyond and helped a great deal.

On my own for dinner, as mm was busy so couldn’t meet. Went to signal hill to see what pokémons are spawning there. From the peak of hundreds of people there were around 30. But the stops were constantly lured. None of the very rare ones although I finally got enough candies to evolve muk, machamp and primeape.

I hung around there till around 7pm. Found a place that had happy hour till 9pm. No wonder they have such long happy hour, I’m not sure how they can survive. The bar had may be 5 occupied tables. I asked the waiter about happy hour and was told discount price for cocktails. I saw the sign outside that beer was at lower price too but he didn’t say anything, I should have asked. Ordered a caipirhina. Took 20mins for it to arrive. Seriously. A couple of guys came in and asked also about happy hour, but the waiter was too clueless. It’s advertised as a craft beer place and when the guys asked for a small tasting sample, and then more information about how the beer tasted, the waiter couldn’t help them. Service wasn’t bad, it was just inept. I didn’t leave a tip.

Quick dinner of noodles and back home.