school christmas bazaar


The start of Christmas season is the school bazaar. Every year I say I won’t go again because it’s too far away, too crowded, too expensive. Every year I come back.

Mum didn’t want to go so I went on my own, which made the journey quicker. Grabbed stollen, lebkuchen and some cheap decoration for gifts before the crowds descended. Sis and I were queueing for the hotdogs when we saw that they had the whole pack of bratwurst on sale so we grabbed one each. Luckily there was a cloakroom to store our shopping.

The clothing and treasure trove stall in the basement gave some real treasures. Cake pop and macaron baking sets for next to nothing. I bought a few sets for presents. Kept one macaron set for myself.

By then it was getting crowded as lunch loomed. After meeting R and G, we went off on our separate ways. I went to pick up my iphone with the new screen and went home.