shy fern


When I was young, we could find what we called “shy fern” around the car park. As the slope got concreted, the ferns disappeared. Every time I’d see a small green fern I’d touch them in the hope that the leaves would fold, but usually I was disappointed.

I was waiting outside for mm to drive up and saw a small cluster. Without any expectations, I touched the leaves with my shoe and was pleasantly surprised that they folded immediately. I thought they’d gone from the area.

thought they're gone forever! #shy ferns that used to be everywhere around our car park

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Googling tells me that the plant is called mimosa pudica, commonly called shy plant, sensitive plant or sleepy plant. The leaves fold inwards when disturbed to protect themselves and re-open a few minutes later. I hope this plant survives and spreads back to the car park. It seems to be doing okay growing in gaps in the concrete.