wifi mesh networking


The wifi at home is atrocious. I have the router sitting on my desk and sometimes my ipad has issues connecting. Poor mum has to sit in the dining room to get a signal sometimes since it doesn’t extend to the living room. Where the tv is, there is zero signal.

In my flat I use a devolo powerline that extends wifi using the electrical wires. Here it’s not possible because there are not enough sockets. The powerline must be plugged into a socket and not an extension cord. I tried buying a second router and extending but couldn’t figure out how to set it up.

Something worth keeping an eye on is the development of wifi mesh networks. Mesh networks allow

different types of devices to piggyback off each other as nodes in a network, each node spreading the radio signal a little further than the last

The newest offering is from eero, with a kit at USD500 that includes 3 nodes. Plug one into the modem and place 2 strategically around to get maximum coverage. Everything can be managed using an app. Sounds really good, except for the price tag. Hopefully it’ll go down soon and I can think about getting one. It’d be great to watch netflix or get an apple tv.

p.s. as an aside to how atrocious our wifi is, I finished reading the lifehacker article and was about to save it to instapaper when the entire connection went down, including tv which mum was watching. Took about 5-10mins for it to come back on and I had to restart the modem. I don’t know how many times I’ve had to restart the modem. Seems quite appropriate, just as I was reading about mesh networking.