buying presents


My cousin and family will be visiting, so mum and I went out to buy presents for them. Nothing too heavy or bulky. We’re poor present buyers so we decided to keep it simple and get food. Bought a variety of chocolate, biscuits and savoury snacks. Saw boxes of cheesey chips at a discount. The saleslady said they’re nice so we bought a few boxes for my niece and her grandparents who are also visiting. Opened a box ourselves to try and they are very good! Crispy and crunchy. Can taste the cheese flavour but not too salty. Went back and bought even more boxes, we ended up getting 15 boxes in total. I’ll give a box to mm and mum wants to give to her friends.

I was reading this thread about last minute gifts on reddit, this actually seems like a great idea:

I didn’t have any time or cash, so I bought a $2 photo album and photoshopped his face to a bunch of stock photos I found online. Made him laugh for hours.

I think it’ll be even funnier if OP had printed the stock photos and stuck the recipient’s face on them physically. I may do that for mm one day, find various generic photos like travelling, skiing, being a clown and replacing them with her head. Hahaha.

There are some hilarious gems in that thread, like:

a bottle of whiskey and a packet of white sauce

which people guessed was the gift buyer putting both items together at the shop and forgetting to take out his sauce. What about:

a pineapple, wrapped in newspaper


A hedgehog exercise wheel.

I do not own a hedgehog.


a disposable emergency rain poncho

or (this is reddit, after all)

When I was 9 my grandmother got me a pubic hair trimmer.