nyt 52 places to visit in 2017


One of my fb friends, R, generously gifted me a free 12-week subscription to the new york times. I can add it to my daily news reading list. I love the guardian, but I’ve missed the NYT. They just published their 52 places to visit in 2017 and it’s really inspiring. Bold means I’ve visited.

  1. canada — like that they basically say, visit the whole country. I’ve enjoyed every visit and even though it’s only been vancouver (a little victoria), toronto and niagara falls, I know there is a whole lot more. The country is pretty high up on my to visit list, I’d love to go there for a month or two and drive/fly around
  2. atacama desert — looks awesome, not in my immediate future unfortunately
  3. agra — there was a time when I wanted to explore more of india, but india doesn’t seem safe anymore
  4. zermatt — it took me till I left switzerland for me to visit zermatt, it was great
  5. botswana — safari, nice
  6. dubrovnik — seems to be the new prague, and every picture i’ve seen shows a beautiful city
  7. grand teton national park, wyoming — another wishlist is to go on a roadtrip of national parks
  8. tijuana — it’ll be great to add mexico to my countries visited list
  9. detroit — very surprised it’s #9, i don’t even remember if I’ve been
  10. hamburg — I’ve been to munich and a bunch of other german cities, but not hamburg. every year I say to mm we should go to a christmas market in germany. No, I’m not afraid of terrorist attacks
  11. marrakesh — i suspect like tunisia, I may be disappointed in morocco
  12. greenville — hmm
  13. pedregal, ecuador — that’s a real destination destination
  14. penzance — I wouldn’t base in penzance, last time we were based at marazion and it was much nicer
  15. osaka — absolutely, everyone should visit the kansai region at least once in their life
  16. stockholm — beautiful city, if a little boring
  17. sikkim — see agra above re: india
  18. ile de porquerolles — wow, a total off-the-beaten-track find, of course now it’ll be full of tourists
  19. madagascar — hopefully it doesn’t become like the maldives or seychelles and get spoiled by tourists
  20. sanya — no desire to go back, nothing to see
  21. cyprus — should be able to find good package deals when i’m back in the uk
  22. great barrier reef — sigh, have to see it before it disappears, what a shame
  23. minneapolis — i guess it’s a stretch to say i’ve been, i was at the conference and went to the mall
  24. kingston — jamaica is one of the destinations of a caribbean cruise, right? one of these days
  25. comporta — like canada, portugal is a all country visit wishlist
  26. kazaksan — so many new countries that need visiting, we used to be more adventurous
  27. gabon — that’s a dark horse
  28. athens — simply no competition in terms of heritage
  29. north west puerto rico — to be perfectly honest i never know where puerto rico is
  30. chiang mai — thailand has gone down in terms of countries i want to go to, for political reasons. they’re way too close to the CCP nowadays
  31. napa valley — wine! food! weather!
  32. puerto escondido — mexico, see above
  33. sedona — hopefully next year’s conference in las vegas i can get a chance to visit some of the south west US states
  34. madrid — increasingly I’m thinking madrid goes before barcelona
  35. ketchum — a hidden ski resort in idaho, how fabulous
  36. maldives — like the great barrier reef, go before the islands sink
  37. calabria — food and weather in italy
  38. antequera — the stonehenge of spain
  39. lofoten islands — northern lights in norway
  40. ibera wetlands — low chance of me making it to argentina
  41. istria — looks like the venice of croatia
  42. placencia — one of my ex-colleagues is from belize and she was always saying come visit
  43. langtang region — nepal is getting towards the quite unlikely part of the travel wishlist
  44. bozcaada — turkey is on the not feeling too safe to visit list unfortunately
  45. birmingham — as in alabama not the midlands. they’re putting these hitherto unimpressive US cities on the list, must be something interesting happening
  46. sacred valley — the whole of peru is worth visiting
  47. laikipa — a newer region to visit than the masai mara
  48. busan — it’s the one place on this list I have a high chance of visiting in 2017. I want to take mum to korea and may be bbmm can make a short trip there too
  49. portland — very impressed with portland, i have friends who live there and other friends who moved there after visiting, how much more of an endorsement is that
  50. budapest — will be interesting to revisit, we went there shortly after the fall of eastern europe, it’s likely very different now
  51. south bronx — um, okay
  52. ryukyu islands — we keep saying we need to try out new places and not go to tokyo or osaka or hokkaido all the time