running errands


Day out by myself today. What a treat.

Got the probate documents back from the land registry, refilled my prescription and had time leftover in the morning for late breakfast. Brought my ipad with me today, so I could read. Got to the hairdresser’s before noon (couldn’t get hold of him, tried calling) and he had 3 elderly customers there perming their hair! Luckily he was able to fit me in and did a great job as usual.

Lunch was pork chop sandwich from the traditional bakery and a beer from 7-eleven and enjoyed at the outdoor sitting area of central library. Borrowed a couple of books for travel research.

Backtracked to the market to get some fruit and veg. There was time so I went off to Elements, which is now a seel nest. I just walked seel long enough to evolve to dewgong this morning, and then within 30mins in the afternoon I caught 20 of them, enough to evolve another one. Pretty amazing. All I have left now to complete the pokedex are snorlax, lapras, chansey and porygon and these are pure luck. I’ll walk dratini, try to get a higher IV dragonite.

I need to be assertive enough and motivated enough to find more days like this for myself. Sounds boring, running errands, but I was so happy at the feeling of freedom and lack of parasite, even though I set myself a target to be home by dinner. It’s like I have a part of my old life back.