cruise change itinerary


We leave on thursday and start our cruise next monday. I’m trolling through cruisecritic when I saw the news that NCL alters Norwegian Star itinerary due to propulsion issue. They’ve had the azipod problem since december and they fixed the one that was causing problems only for the other one to fail. They’ve already missed Ho Chi Minh and Bangkok and will miss three stops in Australia on the way to Sydney. I feel sorry for the passengers currently on the ship, missing the Great Barrier Reef and having their cruise itinerary changed on them while onboard. There was understandably a huge protest which attracted the attention of local news in Darwin.

So it looks like Tasmania, Milford Sound and Napier will be skipped for us. That’s 3 out of 8 stops. I was looking forward to Tasmania and Milford Sound of course is one of the highlights. It’s like skipping the Glacier National Park on an Alaskan cruise.

Rumour is that they’ll offer us onboard credit and x% credit towards a future cruise. I get that cruises have to change or even cancel ports because of weather, mechanical issues or other reasons. But the azipod problem has been ongoing since december and NCL has screwed up in terms of not getting them fixed and not communicating to passengers; I doubt we’ll go on NCL again. There are many many other cruise lines.

I haven’t heard anything officially yet. The cruise office and local NCL offices are closed until wednesday. My travel agent was checking email and responded but there’s nothing she can do either. I’m just annoyed at the lack of communication and timing. Whatever news I get on wednesday won’t help a single bit since we’re leaving 6am on thursday.