bbmm+dutch friend


Our friend lily is visitng from amsterdam, we met for lunch today. The consensus was for thai so mm and I searched and decided on the area near the old airport that has a lot of thai restaurants. Google map tells me it’ll be 37min walk or 35mins by bus so I decided to leave earlier and walk there. I can cover the parks between home and there and do some pokehunting. I walked past what used to be the infamous walled city, which was bulldozed in the early 1990s and is now a park. The streets nearby haven’t all been developed, although patches now have tall apartment blocks. How much longer will these old houses last?

We went to a casual restaurant called mini bangkok that is #2 on the tripadvisor list (#1 is in the food court of the wet market and we disregarded it as we wanted somewhere we can sit longer). We were too busy eating to take pictures; plus casual food never look good. We had pomelo salad, greens with balachan, grilled squid and oyster pancakes. The two veg dishes were outstanding and the oyster pancakes (more like battered oyster omelettes) were filling.

We decamped to dan ryan’s to chat and take advantage of their happy hour. Mostly, mm and lily talked about cosmetics and occasionally our upcoming trips to Japan. I had a couple of beers and watched the football on the tv.


Lily brought tons of goodies for us. Last time she brought this brilliant dark bread, this time she brought herb & pepper flavoured foccacia. Smoked eel, calvé peanut butter (head and shoulders ahead of skippy), seasoning to make herb butter. And a huge block of reypenaer vsop cheese, a gouda using milk from grass-fed cows and matured for 24 months in 100 year old warehouses. It’s an artisanal cheese from a family business that has been making cheese the traditional way. We’re so blessed to have such a thoughtful friend.