less facebook; more reddit

As I become more and more disenfranchised about facebook (constant switch to top stories, ‘helpful’ posts I may like / friends I may want to add, same old posts I’m only marginally interested in), I only open it once a day. I think I’ve spent a total of 20mins during the past week, and most of that time was refreshing to get most recent, get rid of annoying stuff on the right column, hiding posts. Actual reading and commenting, hardly any time spent.

And as they announce that they will be adding stories to the desktop, I don’t forsee me adding it back to my browser home.

I’m back spending more time on reddit. Inc. quoted Obi-Wan when talking about how reddit isn’t as bad as everyone thinks:

“You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy. We must be cautious.”

But like the patrons inside the cantina in ep 4 or Maz Kanata’s tavern in ep 7, there is much good hidden underneath the scum and villainy. Isn’t that one of the takeaways of Star Wars? Recently, I read about good stealth trolls, who

hijack or preemptively create pernicious subreddits and turn them benign

Here’s where the term trolling means something wider on reddit. On a site like twitter, trolls are toxic. They abuse and doxx anyone they don’t like, if they think they are SJWs or simply by being a professor of classics at Cambridge. On reddit, the act of trolling is still undermining or derailing. But on alt-right, white supremist subs, trolling means taking over as a moderator and turning a hate-filled sub into one that, well, isn’t. An example is r/whites which used to be full of white supremist mumblings. After a white hat (pun intended) moderator took over, it now has posts entitled WHITE POWER showing a power generator that is white and a link to how white light can treat winter depression.


Here’s my contribution, a guy on the street of san francisco in a white shirt painting the outside of a house white.