gmail yes no reply

I want to set up simple Yes/No reply buttons in an email to about 50 people. Although this is easily done in outlook it’s not an obvious functionality in gmail. I’m guessing we’re supposed to use google forms. Completely agree that google forms are easy to setup and use but in this case I want recipients to give my recipients a one-click action.

There is a workaround that involves using email links as responses and adding filters. It’s not difficult, but should be easier. In my case I want to ask a group of people if they see books in their reading assignment.


  1. Write the email including the survey question and answers

  2. Add a hyperlink to each of the answers and select email then use the plus addressing feature:

  3. Create filters to send the replies to different folders:

Tested and it works. I guess I can use images instead of links to make it look like buttons. I’m not sending out the email just yet but it’s ready to go.