nano day 01 | 3368 words

3368 words

I was still up at midnight so I got 300-odd words in as a headstart. Title, synopsis and prologue.

Went about my usual morning routine, started writing in the afternoon. Progress was very slow but steady. Target was 2000 by dinner and I got to 2300. Watched masterchef australia and added another 1000 words. Saved and backed up. I’m off to read, not going to stress about getting to, say, 5000.

This video of a logging truck making a sharp 90-degree turn from a narrow road (more like a path) onto a tiny bridge was making the rounds today on digg and boingboing. The driver was so skilled and I bet this isn’t the first time. It also illustrates tangents. Note how when the truck was in the middle of the turning circle around the one-minute mark, the logs are actually on the curve and not the bridge. The position of the logs at 1:12 is the tangent of the corner. Good thing the bridge has low walls, if they were higher than the clearance underneath the logs, the turn would have been so much more difficult.