nano day 03 | 10187 words total


3007 words | 10187 total

I had to go to the market and supermarket so lost a few hours during the afternoon. The soft target today was definitely 10k, and here I am on target on day 3. I’m still on chapter 2 and pretty much still backstory. Not filler, it’s just taking its time getting to the beginning of the core of the story. I had a rough outline of 15 timeline items that would take us to around the halfway point and I’m on item 3. Today’s research learning experience is about personal injury and how insurance companies try to get out of paying compensation to the victims. They seem to be particularly uncooperative compared with travel insurance, health insurance or home insurance claims.

9.30pm finish again, I’m not stress at all. I was skyping with Car this morning and I said one of these days it’ll be november and I’ll be like, “Why am I doing this again?” Will I ever get bored of nano? Will I get to 2025 and say, hey it’s year 20, time to hang up my boots. At this point, it’s very simply something that I do. It’s like when you get on a bus you pay the fare. Well, it’s more seasonal that that, it’s more like it’s Christmas so buy presents, order turkey, carols & mince pies at the yacht club on Christmas Eve.