nano day 04 | 13817 words total


3630 words | 13817 total

The first saturday of november is double up donation day and the idea is to double wordcount target and donate to the cause. The goal is US$125k 175k and 125 million words in 24 hours. Donate $25 and receive $50 donor gifts. I’m never bothered about the gifts, it’s the donation that matters, though having a halo is cute.

I also didn’t double up my wordcount. I was distracted. I got too involved in reading in the afternoon. I did get to 13k before dinner then after dinner I was flipping channels and there was Strictly.

This was week 5 which was originally shown in the UK 2 weeks ago. The most important bit of the entire episode wasn’t any of the celebs dancing, but Craig impersonating Bruno. I’ll take multiple clones of Craig over Bruno any day. There were still 12 contestants so the ep was long (we get both regular and results show at the same time). By the time I finished watching, showered and got back to my room it was 10pm.

Managed around 800 words. Yes, I can push on for another hour or so to get to 15k but why the unnecessary stress. On to chapter 3 now, a tiny step towards advancing the story.

Overall, didn’t double up my wordcount; 3630 words is okay.