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It’s Guy Fawkes’ Night. But no fireworks here. It’s sunday though, and I was out with mm all day. We had a leisurely late lunch at a new korean place near me. Then we drove out all the way to this fishing village that is supposed to have a good view of sunset. Without consulting each other, we both brought some whisky to share. She brought the macallan that we’ve had for years and years and I brought a hipflask filled with dalwhinnie. She even brought glasses! We didn’t have a lot, probably half a dram each. The weather was good, we could sit by the shore and it wasn’t too hot. We even got talking to a guy who had set up 2 tripods to take time lapse pictures of the sunset. Early sunset, the sun started turning orange at around 5pm.

Drove to another town for dinner, one of those hawker centre hot pot places. Lots of customers meant decent food. Soft drinks included, I had my fill of cream soda.

I managed to get to 15k this morning, before mm arrived. Not a lot of time left to write at night, just an hour or so. Quite pleased to get another thousand words.