nano day 10 | 31576 words total


2522 words | 31576 total

There are days when writing is difficult because of external influences and strains. Today was one of those days. I had wanted to go run some errands then meet the family for dinner. Somehow that didn’t happen and I was forced to make the decision to stay at home all afternoon. In theory that meant more time for nano but in practice I wasn’t in the right frame of mind.

Still, I managed to eke out 2500 words.


Anyway, it’s my niece’s birthday and we met for dinner at La Crèperie. I had a galette with ham, cheese and egg and shared a sweet galette with her. Independently we both came up with our choice–vanilla ice cream and salted caramel. Sis, Rob and I also shared a bottle of wine and another bottle of cidre. The cidre was very sweet, at 2.4% alcohol tasted more of apple juice.