GoT on labo

Whenever mum is out I try to catch up with game of thrones. I’m at season 2 now and hopefully by the time season 8 comes out next year I would be completely caught up.

Anyway, here’s Ramin Djawadi playing the theme on a nintendo labo. What is the labo? It’s a physical extension for the switch made out of cardboard and simple materials, intended to teach users programming, engineering, robotics etc. Looks so fun, just a few pieces of cardboard makes a keyboard, a console, a fishing reel (for a fishing game), a steering wheel, a VR unit and all sorts of accessories for switch games and programs. The intro video is pretty amazing. The cardboard seems to hold up pretty well after a few weeks.

And with the announcement of let’s go pikachu and let’s go eevee, to be released in november for the switch, with integration with pokemon go, the temptation to get a switch is very high. I’m not a big collector of console games–the last one I bought is the original PSP–may be I won’t get it in the end. See see.