Went to Sam’s to get my haircut for the trip. Summertime so he tends to cut it rather short, so it’s easy to manage.


Did a few things beforehand, bought gifts and miscellaneous stuff to take with me. Oh, and airpods.

I haven’t listened to music for a long time, but lately I wish I had earphones to listen to sound on eithe the mbp or iphone. Sometimes videos, sometimes when playing a game. The criteria are wireless and that they fit in my ears. Conventional earbuds don’t fit, I can’t stuff them in or they fall out. The airpods seem to stay in place.

Are they the best choice? Probably not, definitely not in terms of price. But that’s always been the case with apple products. They connect up with the iphone immediately with zero issue, and I can make some customisations. Some reviewers ding the sound quality, but I’m not enough of an audiophile to tell the difference.

I see enough people with them that the odd design doesn’t look stupid to me anymore. In time, people will just get used to it. We got used to the equally bluetooth earpiece, didn’t we?

I used them to play pubgm and there is a big difference; I can hear shots more clearly and the direction they come from. The biggest advantage for me is how easily i can use them. Bluetooth is always off but as soon as I turn it on in either my iphone or the mba, pop one or both airpods in my ear, they’re connected. It’s been so long since we heard

it just works

that I’m so happy to have an apple product that does just that.