home renovation update


Have to complete some tasks for the home renovation project before my trip. What we did this week:

Picked up lights. One for my room quite expensive but the rest either display or from a shop that is closing down. For mum’s room she picked one with fan and for Papa’s room we found one that usually goes in kids’ room–an airplane shaped light. Other lights are variations of standard LED lights.

Picked out door lock for front door, accessories for kitchen and bathroom (toilet roll holder, mirror cabinet, shelves), light switches, colour for skirting board.

Ordered oven last week and it was delivered on thursday. They called the day before but I missed their call but they got through to mum. They left a message that they’ll deliver between 12-2pm. I was early, arriving around 11am. But just as I was getting off the bus, our contractor called that the oven had just been delivered, one hour early. Bless him, he dealt with them, even paying the small stair fee.

I remember when I bought my flat 20 years ago, I had a hard time trying to find an oven. Built-in ovens were extremely expensive and in the end the only option was an all-in-one with hob. Nowadays, ovens are much more prevalent. For the new kitchen, I’m getting an Electrolux. Very happy about it.

I’d anticipated having to hang around till 2pm, but I was already done at 11.30am. More time than what I know what to. I had to go to the bank at one point, but I had to find lunch first. Thought about going to the hole-in-the-wall Thai place sis introduced me to, decided on frites instead. I like their salad lunch buffet. I ordered my favourite st bernadus ale before I realised it wasn’t happy hour and the beer cost as much as the lunch! Argh. Ah well, it’s just me.