your flight to chicago is departing in 48 hours


It’s that time of year again. Flight to Chicago in 2 days, got the reminder to check-in. I already reserved my seat so I’m less anxious than usual. Let’s hope that paying extra for bulkhead pays off. I booked my ticket too late to get the window seat so I have the aisle, which isn’t my first choice.

Check-in took a minute; 2 at most. Everything was already filled in, I only needed to confirm my email and give them emergency contact information.


The email reminder isn’t as annoying as before. I actually took the time to read it instead of deleting it straightaway. They have some info about in-flight entertainment, a newspaper reading app, and info about sockets and weather. Plugs I know, although first time visitors will find it useful. Weather looks like it’ll be thundery when I arrive but better on wednesday.