busy pre-trip day


We leave for our drive to Las Vegas so need the full day today to do things, run errands, see people.

First stop was to Menards to buy some tape to repair the broken bathroom pipe. While there we stocked up on snacks, because inside a ginormous DIY store were several aisles of food too. I got gummy sharks, popcorn, cheetos, the usual.

We also went to the wine store and I bought a couple of bottles of wine and a bourbon. Then to a supermarket to buy water, bread and cold meat.

Visited with Car’s aunt and uncle, always glad to see them and chitchat.

Then it was back to the house to start preparing for the trip. Make sandwiches, clean up a little, pack. I already packed one suitcase with things I’ll need in Vegas when I flew over, it’ll stay in the car on the drive. The muji bag will have enough clothes, toiletries, that I’ll need for a few days plus camera, electronics, teabags.

I’m still jetlagged and tired. I totally fell asleep just sitting on a chair at one point. Early start tomorrow too.